'Add $15 for life alert button' written on Denny's receipt

'Add $15 For Life Alert Button' Written On Denny's Receipt
'Add $15 For Life Alert Button' Written On Denny's Receipt

The manager of a Denny's in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota is finding himself in hot water after writing 'Add $15 For Life Alert Button' on a receipt.

It was given to an elderly patron who choked during her meal.

When the woman's daughter learned of the incident, she took to social media to express her outrage.

In her message, she noted that her mother had recently undergone a number of surgeries on her esophagus and has great difficulty eating.

The owner of the restaurant said that the individual responsible will be written up and re-trained, but that the message hadn't been intended for the patron.

It was allegedly meant to be a note to the 60-year-old waitress. According to the proprietor, she'd been running around so much the manager was concerned she may hurt herself.

While the woman's daughter remains unconvinced of the reason given, she has accepted the owner's apology.

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