7 aca-awesome performances from 'Pitch Perfect'

'Pitch Perfect 2' Trailer
'Pitch Perfect 2' Trailer

The new "Pitch Perfect" movie is about to grace the screens of the cinema, and to put it lightly, WE ARE SO EXCITED!! "Pitch Perfect" has already earned cult-classic status, joining the ranks of "Mean Girls". Yes, it's that good.

Some of the cast of "Pitch Perfect 2" will be joining us here at AOL.com on May 13 on AOL BUILD and we wanted to do something to get you in the mood.

I mean, look at the people on Twitter who are ALREADY in the mood. CAN YOU BLAME THEM?

More excited about Pitch Perfect 2 than NYC at that moment!! #loser #pitchperfect2 #nyc #newyork

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We at AOL.com understand your needs, so we created a list of the top 7 performances that we fell in love with in the first movie. Warm up your vocals, and get ready, because we are about to crush this.

7.) The Pool Mashup
Who knew "Just the Way You Are" and "Just A Dream" would sound so aca-mazing together?

6.) Party in the USA
The Barden Bellas are willing to get down and belt out their favorite jams wherever they may be.

5.) Right Round
The Tremblemakers may be the Bella's competition, but let's face it, they're aca-awesome as well.

4.) Please Don't Stop the Music
Okay, yes, another Tremblemakers song. BUT, THEY ARE SO GOOD. (Not as good as the Barden Bellas though, TBH)

3.) Riff Off
The riff-off was easily the first thing everyone went and searched on YouTube immediately after they saw the movie, and rightfully so. Also, I think we can all admit we wanted to participate in a riff-off of our own.

2.) Since U Been Gone
If you don't immediately think of this Barden Bellas audition when you hear this song, you clearly aren't a Pitch Perfect fan. (sorry, Kelly Clarkson)

1.) Cups (When I'm Gone)
This song was certainly the little engine that could. After being released, it catapulted to the top of the music charts, and stayed there. Then came a music video, multiple YouTube videos, as probably a few stitches from people using actual glasses.

This was sure to get you in an aca-awesome mood, RIGHT?! And, by the looks of the trailer at the top, this upcoming movie is sure to have some incredible songs headed our way like "Wrecking Ball," and "Run the World (Girls)."

The soundtrack has been kept under wraps, BUT the trailer has shed light on some of the masterpieces. Needless to say, we already have our tickets and you should too!

Click through the gallery below to see pics from the first premiere to get you ready for another amazing movie!

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