Woman mistakenly labeled sexual predator on driver's license

Woman Mistakenly Labeled Sexual Predator on Driver's License
Woman Mistakenly Labeled Sexual Predator on Driver's License

A mix-up caused a Florida woman to be named a sexual predator on her driver's license.

"I want to be an organ donor. You know, that's what it was supposed to be on my driver's license - organ donor. It wasn't supposed to be 'sexual predator' on there," Tammy Lemasters told the Orlando Sentinel.

It was a mistake that could have been easily made. When filling out information for a Florida license, employees have just one menu that includes labels for organ donors, if the driver wears glasses or if he or she is a known sexual predator.

Lemasters' attorney, John Phillips, told WFTV his client didn't immediately notice the incorrect label when she received her new license.

"She started noticing people were treating her the wrong way. A hotel wouldn't let her stay there. And they tried to get into Disney World, the happiest place on Earth, they told her 'Hey, we can't let you in the park,'" Phillips said.

Naples Daily News says the state of Florida has required the identification of sexual predators on driver's licenses since 2007.

WFTV reports that this isn't an isolated incident. Phillips represents at least one other client who was also mistakenly labeled a sexual predator on his driver's license.

Lemasters wants changes made to the creation of driver's licenses system and threatened to sue Florida's Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Thursday if that doesn't end up happening.

A spokesperson for a Tallahassee DMV did tell the Orlando Sentinel that there are already "long-term plans to update drivers-license systems to prevent such problems." No timeframe for when those changes would be implemented was given, though.

As for Lemasters, she was reissued a new license without the sexual predator label on Thursday.

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