What to know this morning: In 5 minutes or less

1. New evidence in the Hannah Graham case has led prosecutors to obtain a capital murder indictment against the man accused of the abduction and killing the University of Virginia student. Read more here.

2. One of the gunmen involved in the Texas cartoon contest shooting earlier this week tweeted about 20 minutes before the attack, "May Allah accept us as mujahideen," (or holy warriors, according to AP) and also had used the hashtag #texasattack. Read more here.

3. A biotechnology professor with her own spin-off business at the University at Buffalo has been given a $2 million federal grant to develop a breast cancer drug. Watch below for more!

Buffalo Researcher Developing Breast Cancer Drug
Buffalo Researcher Developing Breast Cancer Drug

4. One of the police officers charged for the arrest of Freddie Gray is challenging the charges against him, saying that the knife Gray had on him was in fact illegal. He's challenging the state to produce the knife. Read more about the developing case here.

5. Manny Pacquiao is being sued for not disclosing his shoulder injury before the fight with Floyd Mayweather last weekend. Almost immediately after the fight, news broke that Manny had fought with a tear in his right shoulder, and now disgruntled fans (and who likely lost money on the fight) are suing the boxing star. Read more here.

6. Happy birthday, George! Mr. Clooney celebrates turning 54 today. See his best moments below, and click here to read more.