See why Adam Levine yelled at 'The Voice' audience

See Why Adam Levine Yelled at 'The Voice' Audience
See Why Adam Levine Yelled at 'The Voice' Audience

On a typical episode of "The Voice," the four coaches critique the singers. But on Monday, it was the audience who got the harshest criticism by far!

"There are places I remember all my life, though some have changed," sang Joshua Davis on "The Voice."

"The worst clappers ever!" said Adam Levine.

"The worst clapping I've ever heard," said Blake Shelton.

"No rhythm!" said Adam.

"We still love y'all though," said Blake.

"Yikes!" said Adam.

"Just really sucky clapping that's all," said Blake.

So what exactly happened? Well, during Joshua Davis' performance, the audience's clapping was off-tempo.

Usually that spells trouble for the performer and threatens to throw him or her off, but Joshua was able to pull through.

However, that didn't stop Coach Adam from absolutely laying into the audience.

And he wasn't done scolding them after that - he added that the abysmal clapping upset his soul.

Adam's outburst had a very mixed reaction on Twitter. While many agreed with him and called for an end to off-tempo claps, many viewers thought he may have been too harsh.

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