Group's prom picture with guns and a Confederate flag causes controversy

Prom Photo With Guns, Confederate Flag Sparks Controversy
Prom Photo With Guns, Confederate Flag Sparks Controversy

PARKER, Colo. (KDVR) - A prom picture is stirring up controversy in Parker.Chaparral High School hosted prom in Denver on Saturday, but it's a picture of students posing with guns and the Confederate flag that is grabbing the town's attention.

While the teens have done nothing illegal, students and parents are questioning their logic.

"When he got out there he was surprised that guns were brought out and the Confederate flag was brought out," said a mother of one of the students in the picture, who spoke to FOX31 Denver exclusively on the condition of anonymity. "There were other parents there fully supporting it and taking pictures."

The student's mom says she doesn't condone the behavior and that her son made a mistake. She says the picture was taken at a home in Elizabeth.

"I think in their immaturity they kind of think it is a cowboy thing, but to have parents feed into it and support it is really upsetting to me," she said.

In a statement, University of Colorado-Boulder ethnic studies professor Arturo Aldama said, "The image is pretty disturbing, especially if they have real assault rifles in their hands. Not to mention, the Confederate flag and its legacy of white supremacy, Klan violence and the Jim Crow South."

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