Unusual obituary lists strange number of grandchildren

Woman's Obituary Lists Unusual Number Of Grandkids
Woman's Obituary Lists Unusual Number Of Grandkids

A Pennsylvania woman's obituary lists an unusual number of grandchildren.

Upon first glance, Dorothy Scrobola's obituary looks pretty straightforward: she died on April 24th, she was born July 14th 1930, graduated high school, married a doctor, and raised six kids. But at the very end of the death notice there is an unusual detail.

It says she is survived by her children and a "s**tload of grandchildren."

This isn't the first obituary that had people chuckling. Last week an 81-year-old Colorado man's obit respectfully asked people not to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016. His daughter told reporters the funny line received a lot of very sweet responses -- but also received a s**tload of negatives ones.

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