Indianapolis police officer helps pizza delivery driver with car problems deliver pizza

Police Officer Helps Teen With Car Trouble Deliver Pizza
Police Officer Helps Teen With Car Trouble Deliver Pizza

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (April 28, 2015) -- An Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Officer helped a pizza delivery driver in distress so he could deliver his pizzas.

On Monday, Officer Waltz stopped to assist a young motorist changing a tire in the street. The young man was stressed because he was on his way to deliver a pizza.

There was an issue with the tire and it could not be changed so Officer Waltz decided to drive him to his destination and help deliver the pizza.

On the way there the young man said his father is in the Army, his grandfather served in the Marines and he hopes to become a police officer so he can help others. The pizza was successfully delivered, and the driver was very grateful.

IMPD News thanked Officer Waltz on Facebook, saying, "Thank you Officer Waltz and the thousand of other officers who positively impact people with the little things."

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