How to fix the most annoying things on Facebook

How To Fix The Most Annoying Things On Facebook
How To Fix The Most Annoying Things On Facebook

We're all on Facebook and we all use it way too much. But never at work, no never. We'd never do that.

Anyways, while Facebook is great for keeping up with your closest family and friends, the whole thing can be so annoying, you know you've thought about just deleting your account all together.

Behold, the answer to your prayers. Here's how to fix the things that bother you most on Facebook.

First up, you never see posts from the people you actually care about. That's because Facebook defaults your news feed to see "top stories." Just change this by choosing "most recent" stories. Now you'll see stuff as it happens in real time, and not just what Facebook "thinks" you want to see.

Next, there's always that one friend who posts way too much. Like 3.5 selfies a day too much. Click the little arrow on the top right of a post and select the "I don't want to see this" option. Problem solved.

You're probably a member of a Facebook group of some kind and you still want to be involved, but don't want to get notified every single time someone posts. Do this. Click on the little notifications globe, then tap settings, and there you'll be able to choose which groups you get notifications from.

While you're on this page, look around. See something called birthdays? Hate getting notified every time someone you went to high school with turns another year older? Click that birthdays tab and turn that junk off! And the holy grail of Facebook notification annoyances: game invitations.

If you're tired of getting invites to play Candy Crush Living Legends Monster Craft Saga, listen up. This one isn't as easy a fix as the others, but whenever you get an invite for a game app, hover over it, and then click the "x" to turn them off.

You'll have to do this for every game, but over time you should notice fewer invites.

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