Man gets $58,000 speeding ticket based on his income

Man Gets $58,000 Speeding Ticket Based on His Income
Man Gets $58,000 Speeding Ticket Based on His Income

By: Troy Frisby

A Finnish businessman was hit with a speeding ticket that will cost him more than many people earn in a year.

The New York Times reports a man named Reima Kuisla was fined 54,024 euros - or about $58,000 - for driving 14 miles over the speed limit in a 50 m.p.h. zone.

The Finnish government works off an equal percentage principle, where people pay fines for some infractions based on their income. And Kuisla is a millionaire.

Since the 1920s, the country has used what is called a "day fine" system, so the fines are based on half of the offender's daily net income.

The intricate calculation begins with determining the offender's daily net income over half of a work day, then multiplying it by the number of days deemed appropriate by law enforcement, based on the offense.

Kuisla was fined for eight days, and based on his 2013 income of more than $7 million, his fee came out a bit shy of $60,000.

He is outraged over the situation, posting on Facebook about it a dozen times, at one point sharing a photo of a Mercedes that could have been his if not for the ticket.

Kuisla is so bent out of shape, he's claiming that he's considering leaving the country.

"The way things are done here makes no sense," he told the Times over the phone, adding, "For what and for whom does this society exist? It is hard to say."

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