Artist Kaya Mar paints Kate Middleton as the Virgin Mary

Artist Paints Kate Middleton as the Virgin Mary
Artist Paints Kate Middleton as the Virgin Mary

A controversial artist is back with another "Kate Middleton and child" portrait, once again portraying the Duchess as the Virgin Mary.

London-based Kaya Mar is known for his satirical paintings. He made headlines and raised eyebrows two years ago when he showed up outside St Mary's hospital in London before the birth of Prince George, displaying his painting depicting Kate Middleton wearing a halo as she nursed a crown-wearing baby, with one of the Queen's Corgis sitting at her feet. That painting drew a strong reaction, with critics calling it "creepy" and "bizarre."

Now as the arrival of royal baby number two approaches, Mar is back with a second Kate Middleton painting. It still seems to depict Middleton as Mary -- this time using blue robes and a donkey to go along with her halo -- and the now one-year-old George is at her feet, holding a crown in his hands.

Mar tells People magazine he's not really making fun of the princess, but of, "the way we all look at her."

Mar says his next working on paintings of Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, whom he calls, "American Royalty."

Check out Duchess Kate's maternity style for baby number two:

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