Woman to share $1M lottery win with late friend's family

Woman to Share $1M Lottery Win With Late Friend's Family
Woman to Share $1M Lottery Win With Late Friend's Family

A birthday lunch with friends turned into a $1 million lottery win and a touching story.

New Yorker Theresa Dybalski says a friend gave her a birthday card with a lottery ticket inside.

It was a $5 scratch-off, and she says it wasn't until she scratched off the final box that she figured out she was truly a million-dollar winner.

But for Dybalski, the win is bittersweet. Some time after she received the ticket, her friend passed away.

"She was a kind, sweet, loving lady who would bend over backwards to help you out. Hopefully she's present here as I am receiving this great reward," Dybalski said.

Dybalski says she will now share a portion of the winnings with her late-friend's family. After taxes, Dybalski will receive a lump-sum payment of more than $500,000.

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