Celebrity impersonators shine in new documentary film

Celebrity Impersonators Shine In New Documentary
Celebrity Impersonators Shine In New Documentary


One stranger's exclamation changed Shannon Michael's life forever.

"Oh my God, you look like Bret Michaels!"

A cheap wig and a few swipes of eyeliner later, a star was born.

"We get in the parking lot, and it was just like, 'Hey Bret get out of the car!' People were screaming. Some guy was like who would've thought Bret would be driving a PT Cruiser," he said.

Michaels (no relation to his famous counterpart) is just one of many celebrity impersonators finally getting their shot at the spotlight in a new documentary film.

"Just About Famous" takes a look on the overlooked side of celebrity -- the lookalikes who take advantage of the culture celebrity worship.

"People go crazy. They love seeing them, they love taking pictures and then Facebooking or tweeting about 'who' they just 'met.' It's both surreal and fascinating to be in their company," co-director Jason Kovacsev said.

With a "star-studded" cast that includes Elvis, Obama, Lady Gaga, Robin Williams and more, the film takes a trip into the enlightening -- and surreal -- life of impersonators as they enter one of the premiere celebrity tribute artist conventions.

Check out an exclusive clip starring Bret Michaels, Stevie Nicks, Robin Williams and Sean Connery above.

"Just About Famous" is now available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. Visit justaboutfamous.com for more information.

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