Coast Guard helicopter spots historic shipwrecks during routine patrol

Coast Guard Helicopter Spots Historic Shipwrecks During Routine Patrol
Coast Guard Helicopter Spots Historic Shipwrecks During Routine Patrol

Just a few weeks ago, all we'd hear about is how many of the lakes around the country were frozen as a result of severe snow storms.

Now that much of the ice has melted in those lakes and spring is here, it's not just the flowers that are coming into view.

Last Friday, a U.S Coast Guard aircrew captured remarkable photos of several shipwrecks in the clear blue waters of Lake Michigan.

The pictures were taken near the Sleeping Bear Dunes area which is part of the Manitou Passage. The area is home to quite a few shipwrecks.

The Traverse City-based crew posted those photos on Facebook and with the help of other social media users added details on the spotted shipwrecks.

One of them notes, "The 121-foot brig James McBride ran aground during a storm on October 19, 1857. Her remains lie in 5 to 15 feet of water near Sleeping Bear Point."

Another one was the Rising Sun with description, "This 133-foot long wooden steamer stranded just north of Pyramid Point on October 29, 1917. She went to pieces and her wreckage now rests in 6 to 12 feet of water."

These shipwrecks are state property giving them protection against public disturbance.

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