University professor shaves her head to literally illustrate her lesson on the brain

MIT Professor Shaves Her Head in the Name of Science
MIT Professor Shaves Her Head in the Name of Science

Neuroscientist Nancy Kanwisher may be the coolest university professor on the Internet this week, Q13FOX reports.

As part of a recent lecture on brain science, the MIT faculty member decided to do something pretty hair-raising ... or rather, hair-losing. Yes, Kanwisher actually shaved her head. (Check out the before and after pictures in the gallery below.)

"Where are each of these regions inside the head? It's kind of hard to tell with all this damn hair in the way," Kanwisher says. With that, she throws her hair in a ponytail, grabs an electric razor and ditches her shoulder-length strands.

Then, she had grad student Rosa Lafer-Sousa step in with a razor and some shaving cream to get a "clean slate" so they could draw all over her bald scalp. As Kanwisher explains on her website, the goal was to go to "ludicrous extremes to show you where in the head some of the functionally specific brain regions lie."

Watch it all happen below, and prepare to get an education you will never forget:

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