Bill Koch selling his Aspen home for $100 million

This Is What It Looks Like To Live In A Pile Of Money
This Is What It Looks Like To Live In A Pile Of Money

Time to dust off the piggy bank and dip into your rainy day fund: The coziest little ski cottage in Aspen is for sale, and it can be yours for just $100 million dollars.

Billionaire Bill Koch is selling his 28-bedroom ski retreat in Aspen, Colorado.

Bill Koch is the other brother of the politically invested Koch Brothers -- Charles and David. The brothers share more than just a famous name: Bill also has an affinity for conservative Super PACs.

Koch's mountain home is 43,229 square feet. It has 30 bathrooms, a fitness room fancy enough to rival a professional gym, a tennis court, basketball court, walk-in wine room, spas and "several aerated trout-stocked ponds."

Oh yeah, and it comes furnished.

According to Zillow the property consists of "Four separate and distinct parcels totaling 82.6 acres, there are a total of 13 buildings including the 14,987 square foot main lodge, additional single family homes, historic cabins and recreation maintenance facilities."

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