Martha Stewart raps through 10 ways to clean your kitchen

Martha Stewart Raps Through the 10 Ways to Clean Your Kitchen
Martha Stewart Raps Through the 10 Ways to Clean Your Kitchen

It looks like Drake and Jay Z have some competition, because the newest rapper to the game has a flow so fresh, it leaves kitchens spotless.

There aren't any expletives or controversial lyrics in Martha Stewart's rap, unless you're offended by 10 awesome uses for baking soda.

The 57-second video is an auto-tuned tour de force that covers everything from tackling funky odors to sinks that straight-up stank.

This is hardly the first time the mogul has had us cracking up, though it is certainly the most inventive. Martha Stewart's definitely not afraid to have a little on-camera fun, as evidenced by this hilarious blooper reel and the epic Cookie Monster interview during which she kept her cool as Cookie got truly annoying. (Granted, Cookie ended the segment in restraints, and we're not talking "50 Shades of Sesame." He was so wild she tied him up.)

The Notorious M.A.R.T.H.A probably won't be signed anytime soon, but that's OK. Who needs money and bling when your counter already shines?

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