Debi Mazar explains what it's like to be Madonna's friend

Debi Mazar Explains What It's Really Like To Be Best Friends With Madonna
Debi Mazar Explains What It's Really Like To Be Best Friends With Madonna

By Ryan Buxton

The world has known Madonna as the Queen of Pop for decades, but few have the intimate understanding of the music icon that Debi Mazar does. The actress gave us a taste of what it's like to be best friends with one of the most famous people on the planet during a Wednesday interview with HuffPost Live.

"We are old best friends in the sense that we've been very close for a very, very long time -- like 30 years, before she even cut a record," Mazar said. "I met her when she came to New York and we became dear friends, and then she was like, 'I'm gonna do a video,' and I was like, 'I do makeup. I'll do your makeup. Cool!' And it was very much like that, and then she became a huge star."

"What's unfortunate is that she's so, so busy," Mazar told host Marc Lamont Hill. "Even though she's got the whole setup with the nannies and the driver and the cook, she has very little time to have a social life because she's a workaholic. So we email. We email, and we manage to get our children together, but we often don't have a chance to get together."

Mazar was happy to report that she and Madonna have set a date to squeeze in some time together in April, in between promotion for Madonna's new album "Rebel Heart" and the start of her world tour later this year.

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