High school student becomes a hedge fund manager

High School Student Becomes a Hedge Fund Manager
High School Student Becomes a Hedge Fund Manager

17-year-old Jacob Wohl didn't get an after school job at a restaurant or story in the mall like most teenagers. The Santiago High School junior plays football and basketball and has several hobbies ... he's also one of the youngest hedge fund managers in the world.

Jacob was a natural: "I'm very competitive and good with numbers, so it was a natural fit."

He started Wohl capital investment group about four months with his classmates as his first investors and then it grew from there: Parents, uncles, teachers and coaches all followed suit.

One of those coaches is Jacob's p.E. Teacher. He was little skeptical at first, but then he wondered that this might be a genius kid. He says he has a few hundred bucks to play with every month -- so he decided to give Jacob a try.

So far, Jacob has about 20 investors and has already earned the nickname: "The Wohl of Wall Street."

He says the fact that he's only 17 has not deterred potential clients. He explains, "The nice thing about industry nobody cares who you are once they see the numbers."

Jacob's dad says he's proud of his son -- and is still amazed by his drive. Mr. Wohl says, "His peers are working at fast food restaurants. This is what he has chosen to do."

Somehow, Jacob finds time for everything. "I try and get my trades in before school then if I can tweak as day goes on, that's usually what I will do," he explains. He's often up before his dad most mornings.

Jacob adds, "Most of my teachers are fine with it if I need to make a trade, but if need be, I'll go outside.

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