Man watches his fiancee pass out on Skype 700 miles away

Indiana Man Watches Fiancee Pass Out 700 Miles Away
Indiana Man Watches Fiancee Pass Out 700 Miles Away

They were 700 miles apart. He was in Indiana, while she was in New York. So what was he to do when his fiancee passed out right in the middle of their Skype call?

"She told him she was having trouble breathing, then slumped over," a WLFI anchor reported.

"At the time I was really, really scared," Ji-Hoon Seo said over the phone.

Unable to get in touch with 911 dispatchers in his fiancee's area, Ji-hoo Seo called his local 911 for help.

Indiana dispatcher Amanda Dearing told WISH: "I looked up 'Brooklyn PD' because he kept telling me it was Brooklyn area. ... He just knew her address and that it was the third floor."

The local Indiana dispatcher was able to reach the fire department in Brooklyn, which sent responders over to Seo's fiancee's apartment.

Now, there are ways to get in touch with 911 in another state if someone you know had an emergency and that person couldn't call the number.

An EMT wrote on the best way to do it is to call the local police department for the area where the person lives and get the 10-digit number to call in case of an emergency. That number will connect you directly with the 911 operator.

Seo told ABC he never ended the Skype call after his fiancee passed out and was able to watch as the responders arrived at her apartment.

WLFI reported Seo's fiancee may have suffered an asthma attack.

According to the Asthma Symptoms Foundation, fainting is "a serious symptom of asthma" and can happen when the brain doesn't get enough oxygen.

Seo has since flown out to New York to be with his fiancee.

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