Charlie Sheen slams Chuck Lorre over 'Two and a Half Men' finale

Almost a month after the series finale of "Two and a Half Men" aired, Charlie Sheen is speaking out.

Sheen did not appear in the Feb. 19 episode, but his character Charlie Harper was reintroduced, and then immediately killed off, with creator Chuck Lorre having the final word: "Winning."

Sheen left the show in 2011 following his "tiger blood" rant.

We can imagine Lorre enjoyed dropping the mic -- and piano -- when the show faded to black. Sheen, however, was nowhere to be found for comment ... until now.

TMZ caught up with the actor at a mall in L.A. and finally got his thoughts.

He started out seeming indifferent about the scene, saying, "Nah, that's just him, I don't care any more" -- and then his true feelings came out.

He told the tabloid, "I don't care if he lives or dies. Doesn't even matter. To go that long with that immature, and that completely unevolved and that stupid, in my face, really? You must feel safe, (expletive). I'm just saying, you must feel safe where you live. Run with that brother!"

The finale could have been a little different.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lorre explained the finale had originally been written in favor of Sheen's character.

He explained, "We reached out to him. He would look in the camera and have his moment. The whole idea was for him to have a monologue into the camera. That felt like a radical final moment for the finale... but he didn't like the idea and that's the way it goes. We were hoping we could make it work. It was not meant to be."

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