New Samsung ad is a real tear jerker

New Samsung Ad Is A Real Tear Jerker
New Samsung Ad Is A Real Tear Jerker

A new Samsung ad is out and it's bringing people to tears. Samsung Turkey is rolling out new digital call centers for the hearing impaired and the advertisement for the centers is one of the most touching ads we've ever seen.

The add features a young deaf man and his sister going through Istanbul -- everyone they meet greets the pair the same way: in sign language. After a few interactions with strangers fluent in sign language, it's pretty clear something us up.

According to Buzzfeed, the Leo Burnett ad firm and Samsung spent a month teaching the community to sign and set up cameras. The moment that the production crew steps in is just amazing.

Sometimes all a community needs is a cause to rally around to do something life changing. In November Make-A-Wish transformed the streets of San Francisco into Gotham for 5-year-old Miles who battled with leukemia. Batkid was called into action all across the city -- hundreds participated in the incredible event.

And in Utah a community brought the Holidays early to a 4-year-old boy who only had a few days to live. The town managed to create and decorate for Halloween and Christmas so the sick boy could spend one more holiday season with his family.

See the whole ad below:

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