Cherry juice could give you 90 minutes of extra sleep

A Drink That Could Give You 90 Minutes of Extra Sleep
A Drink That Could Give You 90 Minutes of Extra Sleep

Having trouble getting a good night's sleep? Here's an idea that might help, cherries.

Researchers at Louisiana State University with funding from the cherry marketing institute say up to a third of adult Americans over 65 suffer from insomnia.

Their suggestion?

Take a stiff drink of tart Montmorency cherry juice. Two of them a day; in fact, they say a study showed two eight-ounce glasses a day can help you sleep almost an hour-and-a-half more a night.

They say these sour cherries are a natural source of the hormone Melatonin and the amino acid Tryptophan both of which promote sleep. So try reading a book at bedtime and sipping some cherry juice and you just might have better night's rest.

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