Youngest women on death row speak out

Two of the youngest woman on death row are speaking out and appealing to the public to help spare their lives.

According to ABC News, 30-year-old Emilia Carr is the youngest woman in the U.S. on death row, and 33-year-old Tiffany Cole is the third youngest at 33. Both were sentenced to death for their involvement in separate murders. Carr was 26 and pregnant when she was convicted of killing her boyfriend's wife; Cole was 25 when she was convicted on murder charges connected to the death of her neighbors.

The women are being held in Florida's Lowell Correctional Institution and both women claim their boyfriends at the time were the masterminds behind the murders.

They're not arguing to be released, only to serve life in prison.

"Do you call it 'death row'?," asked ABC's Diane Sawyer.

"No, we call it 'life row,'" Carr replied. "Because we're not dying, we're living."

According to a report released by the National Academy of Sciences, one in 25 inmates on death row are innocent, and Florida is one of 5 states that hold a total of 60 percent of our nation's death row inmates.

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