Rare roman gravestone discovered in UK

Rare Roman Gravestone Discovered In UK
Rare Roman Gravestone Discovered In UK

Archaeologists recently came across a rare Roman tombstone during a dig in Cirencester, UK.

Experts believe the headstone marked the burial site of a woman who died when she was 27. The inscription on the stone was immediately reviewed and lists her name to be Bodica. It also notes she was a wife. Next to the tombstone are human remains.

"You can see the skull exposed. So the tombstone was on top of where the body is lying here and that will now be excavated and analyzed," an archeologist told BBC.

According to Cotswold Archaeology's Neil Holbrook, only about 10 Roman tombstones have ever been found in the area. He believes making the headstone would have cost a lot of money. The excavation site is located on the grounds of the former Bridges Garage in Cirencester.

The fact that the tombstone is still in great shape is very impressive considering construction workers scraped stone during building efforts in the 1960s. If they would have gone just a few inches lower while putting a beam in, the stone would have been smashed.

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