16 Questions We Still Have After Watching the 2015 Oscars!


The 2015 awards show season is finally over!

After nearly four hours of wishing we had our own LEGO Oscar statuette, cringing at John Travolta's lack of personal space, and sighing at the billionth mention of Neil Patrick Harris' locked predictions box, we're still left with 16 unanswered questions from the 87th Academy Awards.

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1. Does Neil Patrick Harris always wear tighty whities or was this a special occasion?


2. Will anything ever top Meryl Streep's reaction to Patricia Arquette's acceptance speech?


3. Was Idina Menzel internally screaming "Not again?!" when John Travolta kept touching her face?


4. Where can we buy our own LEGO Oscars statuette? Also does it come with Emma Stone's undying friendship?


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5. Why didn't NPH realize that we honestly couldn't care less about his predictions box? Let it go, man.

6. Will Eddie Redmayne ever be this excited again? (Maybe if he watches an episode of Friendswith Jennifer Aniston...)


7. How was Jennifer Lawrence spending her night and why couldn't they have at least invited her to present?

8. Why must Anna Wintour always wear sunglasses?


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9. How much have the seat-fillers' lives changed since NPH introduced them to the world?


10. What was Chloe Grace Moretz keeping in her pockets?


11. Was NPH purposely trying to butcher all of those actors' names? Because there were A LOT of flubs...

12. Was Gwyneth Paltrow planning on hitting up an '80s prom after the Oscars?


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13. Of all the songs out there, why was Jennifer Hudson's "In Memorium" song from NBC's failed drama Smash? (We're not mad at it, just curious... Team Ivy for life!)

14. What are Julie Andrews' beauty secrets? (Seriously, can you believe she's 79?!)


15. Did the winners make a silent pact to out-talk the orchestra and make the show run as long as possible?

16. Can Anna Kendrick pretty please host next year's Oscars?

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