Married couples' sex lives see boost after 50 years

Married Couples' Sex Lives See Boost After 50 Years
Married Couples' Sex Lives See Boost After 50 Years

It's not uncommon for couples to spend less time between the sheets the longer they're married, but there's good news for long-term partners: A new study suggests that sexy spark could make a comeback ... you just have to wait half a century.

According to researchers at Baylor, Louisiana State and Florida State University who looked at more than 1,600 married Americans between the ages of 57 and 85, there is a rebound in sexual activity for couples whose marriages make it past the 50-year mark.

So why the bump after so long? A news release explains, "You may have a higher level of trust when you feel that your spouse isn't going to go anywhere. The expectation that the relationship will continue may give you more reason to invest in the relationship-including in sexual aspects of [it]..."

The study's findings also suggest those in first marriages have more sex than those who have remarried - but the number of marriages didn't affect emotional or physical satisfaction when they did have sex.

Yes, 50 years seems like a long time, but what better way to celebrate a golden anniversary than putting some fire back in the furnace?

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