Hilarious, creepy ad for 'very haunted' computer on eBay goes viral


EBay User Sells Haunted Macbook
EBay User Sells Haunted Macbook

An eBay user in Austin, Texas, was selling a 2007 white Apple Macbook, but there was a (pretty hilarious) catch ... it's haunted.

According to the post, user wfatzinger is not sure exactly when his computer became haunted, but he speculates it was likely around the time he accidentally left the Macbook in a graveyard next to an abandoned mental hospital.

In his eBay post he tells potential buyers about reports of a mysterious green fog in the area that night, writing there were sightings of "a terrifying old crone capering through a contiguous neighborhood, setting trash cans ablaze and chanting incantations or curses, laughing and shrieking and brandishing a sharpened axe with a pentagram carved into the hilt."

As soon as he brought his computer home, he noticed weird things happening in his house. Suddenly his baseball cards were out of order, and his wife's coin collection was in disarray. But the scariest effect of the haunting was that the Macbook started composing messages.

"You probably think the computer opened up a word doc and started tip-tap-typing away all by itself like some kind of 21st century player piano," the seller writes. "No, friends. The way he communicates with us is by grasping a pen between the keyboard and monitor and writing on pieces of printer paper from our home office."

If the ghost's letter is to be believed, he was unjustly convicted for the murder of his wife in 1902 and executed by the electric chair. This explains why he is inhabiting an electric device and why he chooses to handwrite letters, as opposed to using that handy keyboard.

The hysterically haunted computer attracted the attention of eBay buyers, and hundreds of people started bidding on the device.

The price had gone up as high as $6,000 when the auction was cancelled Wednesday.

Maybe the owner had second thoughts ... or maybe the computer's ghost found out!?

Of course this post was a joke, but have you ever thought anything in your house was haunted? Share your ghoulish stories in the comments.

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