Chipotle twitter hacked

Chipotle Twitter Hacked
Chipotle Twitter Hacked

No business is safe from Internet hacking.

Chipotle became the latest victim of a social media mishap over the weekend when apparent hackers took over the chain's Twitter account... and sent out homophobic, racist and anti-government tweets and changed the account's profile picture from a pepper, to a swastika. One of the tweets targeted President Obama... Another the FBI.

The hackers also posted a very disturbing fake tweet, scaring the more than 600,000 followers. The tweet said that the chain would close all of its restaurants at the end of the year because the company's food supply had been poisoned.

The Daily Dot says that "During the hack, Chipotle's Twitter bio was changed to point to two other accounts, presumably belonging to the hackers claiming credit for the attack..." Those accounts then explained in detail how the hack was accomplished. Not sure if that was a great idea on their part.

Even though the tweets contained some pretty harsh language, Twitter made light of the obvious intrusion.

One user tweeted that the company should eat a Snickers bar because it wasn't acting like itself today.

Others suggested Chipotle should just hawk up free burritos.

Chipotle has since apologized and says it's conducting an investigation to try to determine how the account was hacked and who might be responsible.

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