Are these the worst uniforms for flight attendants?

Are These The Worst Uniforms For Flight Attendants?
Are These The Worst Uniforms For Flight Attendants?

Air travel has evolved over the past 50 years, but uniforms for female flight attendants have not.

Airlines like Qantas and Cathay Pacific have been criticized for tight uniforms and short skirts, for example. Flight attendants for the Tokyo-based carrier Skymark said that passengers leered and tried to take upskirt photos during a trial run of blue mini dresses.

If that doesn't sound uncomfortable, then how about polyester?

Vivienne Westwood designed Virgin Atlantic's recycled polyester uniforms. The skirts were reportedly too high-waisted and the collars were so tight that it made the employees' necks bleed. Flight attendants hoping to wear slacks can stop at British Airways, which has a rule that female attendants must wear skirts. Singapore Airlines, meanwhile, requires flight attendants to wear a sarong kabaya.

"Would I want to be wearing that in an emergency? Absolutely not. It's just that much harder to manoeuvre your body in a long-fitted sarong than it is wearing trousers and a blazer. You need to be prepared -- as anything can happen in an emergency and you need to be as mobile and free as possible," former commercial flight attendant Carolyn Paddock told The Daily Mail.

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