Monica Seles gives details about binge-eating disorder

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Tennis champion Monica Seles is opening up about her battle with a binge-eating disorder -- something she's dealt with for the past 10 years.

"When I was in stressful situations on the tennis court or in my personal life, I would start my binge eating. ... I would do it alone because I was so ashamed," Seles told ABC.

Those emotions are typical for people with the disorder, according to the National Eating Disorders Association. The organization says people often feel out of control or guilty when binge eating.

The difference between a binge-eating disorder and bulimia is that those with the latter purge food after eating. People with a binge-eating disorder don't exercise or throw up after binging.

People reports Seles also binged to cope with her father's prostate cancer and after she was stabbed on the tennis court by an opponent's fan back in 1993.

Former Tennis Champ Monica Seles Opens Up On Her Binge Eating Disorder
Former Tennis Champ Monica Seles Opens Up On Her Binge Eating Disorder

Seles told ABC it wasn't until she was a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding that she considered talking to a doctor about what she was going through.

"I had to go in for countless different fittings because my weight would be fluctuating because of the binge eating," Seles said.

The ABC interview comes at the same time released a PSA featuring the 41-year-old former pro.

"My eating was just uncontrollable. Once the binge was over, I felt so upset with myself," Seles said in the PSA.

Now retired, Seles had a long, decorated career. At just 13 years old, she was ranked as the No. 1 junior tennis player in the world. She became the youngest female winner of the French Open when she was 16. Seles officially retired in 2008.

To watch Seles' full interview with ABC, head on over to the network's website.

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