You'll never guess the richest royals in Europe

You'll Never Guess the Richest Royals in Europe
You'll Never Guess the Richest Royals in Europe

The royals with the biggest crown jewels across the pond aren't household names here in the U.S. The Daily Mail ranked the richest royals and here is how royal wealth breaks down across across Europe.

The poorest royal family hails from Norway. King Harald V has roughly 100 million Norwegian krone in his personal accounts which might sound like a lot, but is only about 13 million US dollars. He gets approximately 19 million dollars more annually from the Norwegian government, so when we say "poor," we mean he's still swimming in money like Scrooge McDuck.

Moving up the ladder to the real heavy hitters. Sweden's King Carl is the wealthiest royal in Scandinavia and 5th richest in all of Europe. Sweden's royal family is sittin' pretty on a 41 million dollar fortune and have a 600 room palace in Stockholm, so visitors probably never have to sleep on the pullout.

Next up are the Dutch. The royal family in the Netherlands doesn't disclose their finances but the Daily Mail estimates that they are worth about 200 million dollars. The family owns a huge chunk of shares in Shell oil company -- so it's probably nice to be them.

The third richest royal family in Europe is one we know and love. The Windsors have an estimated personal fortune of about 450 million dollars. That means baby George probably won't have to worry about saving for a car or college when he grows up.

The royals with the second largest bank account in Europe hail from Monaco. This isn't all that surprising considering some estimates put the cost of living in Monaco at 11% more than New York City. Prince Albert is fancy. He sits atop of personal fortune of nearly a billion dollars and owns roughly a quarter of the country. He's also said to have a valuable stamp collection.

Finally, the royals all of the other royals are secretly jealous of: The Liechtensteins of Liechtenstein. The royal family owns the largest family-owned private bank in the world with a valuation of 40 billion. Their personal fortune is estimated at 7.5 billion US dollars -- leaving us all to wonder if there are any single Liechtenstein's looking for love?

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