From clunky machinery to pocket-sized technology, the stunning evolution of Apple technology

Apple has come a long way from the company that once had Isaac Newton and his infamous apple as their logo. At the time of their release these products seemed like timeless products of the future. Remember the first portable Mac (slide 12), anyone? Even slide 56 seems like a distant memory! Click through the gallery to see how Apple products have changed over the years.

Every 5 seconds, an Apple product is sold. Today the company is the brand synonymous with mobile phones, music players, and personal laptop computers.

The latest Apple products announcements included the new iPhone 6 and Apple watch. The iPhone 6 has redefined mobile smart phone standards with bigger touchscreen interfaces and more complex high resolution cameras. The Apple watch is also set to change the way we tell time and wear technology.

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10 Facts About Apple
10 Facts About Apple

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