Balloon with note to late father travels 435 miles

Woman Finds Teen's Balloon 'Letter to Heaven'
Woman Finds Teen's Balloon 'Letter to Heaven'

AUBURN -- It looked like a crumpled up piece of garbage in the parking lot of Local Heroes Burgers in Auburn.

Lisa Swisley, the owner of the burger shop said, "I was out back. A customer found the balloon and asked us to throw it away. We looked at it, and saw the writing."

In fact, it was a message from a young girl to her father who passed away.

"I looked her up and found that she went to a school in So Cal. So I knew it came a long way," Swisley added.

435 miles to be precise, from Southern California, where a high school Junior named Ashlynn writes "Dear Dad... I love and miss you like crazy... I go to Whittier High School now... I made varsity [softball] and there's this great guy I met, Bryant."

Swisley connected with Ashlynn on Facebook to tell her the balloon arrived safely in Auburn, just where it was meant to be.

"It has touched a lot of people, by the thought that there could be a sign from someone not here on Earth," she concluded.

Hear from Ashlynn herself below:

Girl Behind 'Letter to Heaven' on Balloon Shares Story
Girl Behind 'Letter to Heaven' on Balloon Shares Story

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