Dog ditches owner, rides solo to park

Dog Ditches Owner, Rides Solo To Park
Dog Ditches Owner, Rides Solo To Park

Eclipse loves the park. So much so that she doesn't like to wait for her owner Jeff Young to catch the bus.

The two make several trips to the dog park during the week. They always take the bus right by their home in Seattle but sometimes Jeff takes a little too long to finish his cigarette.

If the bus comes before he's done, Eclipse just hops on without him. Takes a nice ride for three or four stops and then hops off.

A commuter told KOMO, "She sits here just like a person does. She's a person. All the bus drivers know her."

The Metro Transit said they love that the dog supports the transit, but they think it would be safer if he rode with his owner. That's it.

Jeff told KOMO News, "She's a bus-riding, sidewalk-walking dog... She knows what she's doing."

And if you thought that was an impressive ride, check out Hekan.

The border collie helps his Equestrian owner with the horses in just about every way: walking them, holding them in place while their being prepped, and yes, even riding them.

So dogs are not only man's best friend...but they might not even need us at all.

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