Beliebers attack Mark Wahlberg's wife on Twitter over CK ads

Beliebers Attack Mark Wahlberg's Wife On Twitter Over CK Ads
Beliebers Attack Mark Wahlberg's Wife On Twitter Over CK Ads

Earlier this week Mrs. Marky Mark tweeted out:

She's referring to the latest Calvin Klein ads starring the Biebs. A buff and tattooed Justin Bieber is the latest to show off his Calvins as the company's underwear spokesmodel and a leaked, unretouched version shows a still adorable, but much scrawnier Biebs.

Naturally, the woman married to Mark Wahlberg would think her husband's shoot was better than the Biebs (because, ya know, they're married). Wahlberg is, of course, the OG spokesmodel for CK undies. Marky Mark and his funky bunch modeled for the brand during the 90's. And he's a perfect specimen of man candy.

Sadly, Justin Biebers legion of militant Beliebers don't agree with Mrs. Wahlberg and went on the attack. One Belieber took to social media like Regina George on steroids tweeting:

The barrage of mean tweets got so bad that Mrs. Wahlberg was forced to defend herself.

and then:

But the Beliebing bullies still won't stop harassing -- which isn't all that surprising.

In 2011 they sent Justin's on-again off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez death threats after the two were spotted kissing on vacation. They also threatened Kim Kardashian after Justin posted a photo of the pair with the caption joking "look it's my girlfriend." Justin was 16 at the time and Kim was 29.

So far Justin hasn't spoken out on the controversy with Wahlberg or done anything to calm down his pack of wild fans. Considering those unretouched photos, he's probably just busy doing crunches.

Just kidding beliebers!

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