Woman's selfie with monkey goes about as well as you'd imagine

Why You Shouldn't Take Selfies With Wild Animals
Why You Shouldn't Take Selfies With Wild Animals

When stumbling upon wild animals, leaning in for a selfie may not be the best move.

According to Redditor ThatGuy1331, a young woman walking around Bali found this cute little monkey ("cute" aside from the look of unmitigated aggression on its face, that is). The monkey pulled on her hair, causing the woman to freak out. And in the end, they wound up making pretty much the same face. Monkey see, monkey do.

The Redditor appropriately named the thread, "My friend tried taking a selfie with a monkey. It didn't end well."

No. No, it didn't.

Check out this 'selfies with bears' trend:

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