New book snaps iconic celebs & their furry friends

New Books Snaps Iconic Celebs & Their Furry Friends
New Books Snaps Iconic Celebs & Their Furry Friends

Not only are celebrities infinitely more fabulous than us - so are their pets.

"Celebrity Pets On the French Riviera in the 50s and 60s" is a new book by Irish photographer Edward Quinn. The cover showcases a familiar face. That's a young Liz Taylor outside with one of her miniature poodles.

For $75 you get pages of the worlds most iconic faces frolicing with everything from cats and dogs to exotic animals like tigers. Quinn snapped vintage sex symbol Brigitte Bardot in bed with two lucky dogs. Her mixed breed pup that the actress is snuggled up with and Barbarella director Roger Vadim.

The photos shot by Quinn offer a rare look into Hollywood's elite from the 50s and 60s on holiday. The Daily Mail describes Quinn as a "cocktail photographer" who celebs willingly invited to vacation alongside them.

The coffee table book includes shots of the late Natalie Wood and her beau of the moment Warren Beaty in front of the Carlton Hotel with a few furry friends. And one of the most incredible shots is when Quinn managed to capture the moment where Grace Kelly met her future husband, the Prince of Monaco in 1955 in the Palace's private zoo.

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