Teen gets stuck in chimney after sneaking into his own home

Teen's Chimney Rescue Finds Festive and Scary Reactions
Teen's Chimney Rescue Finds Festive and Scary Reactions

Three Arizona fire departments responded to a call Wednesday night for an unusual, holiday-themed rescue.

"911, what is the location of your emergency?" said a dispatcher.

"Uh, I'm stuck down in a chimney," said the Arizona teen.

A 13-year-old boy found himself stuck in the chimney of his parents' home. His sister explained to local news stations the teen locked himself out of the house and hoped to get inside by rappelling down the chimney with an extension cord. His motive? He didn't want to get in trouble for losing his keys.

Firefighters took the chimney apart to retrieve the teen, who's doing well today. As amusing as this story might seem so close to Christmas, the rescue and attention that followed weren't so funny.

"I spoke to the family who said they basically hid inside their home today because there was so much national and local media waiting outside for them," said reporter Karen Brown.

And those media outlets took different approaches when reporting on the situation.

"He was in there about an hour and a half or so. He's out. He's fine. Just kind of doing a test run for Santa, I guess. I don't think Mom and Dad are happy about that at all," said WTSP.

"I got to tell you it just breaks your heart," said a KNXV reporter.

"At the time his cell phone battery was dying, it was getting cold, and he was covered in soot. Tonight for the very first time we're hearing the emotional phone call, " said reporter Nick Ciletti.

Speaking to the media, the boy's sister explained she's grateful to the firefighters for their help and admits her brother is a little embarrassed by it all.

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