Stuffed monkey reunited with owner after two long months

Watch: Little Boy Reunited With Beloved Friend
Watch: Little Boy Reunited With Beloved Friend

OKLAHOMA CITY – "Monkey" is a world traveler.

He started his journey in London, eventually making the trek to Oklahoma City in 2012.

"It was the first kind of gift that Bennett was given by his sister when he came into being," his mother, Christina Forth, said.

Since little Bennett was born he's had his stuffed partner by his side ... until one day, Monkey was gone. Bennett was totally lost without his buddy.

"I didn't know how much he meant to Bennett until he lost him and experienced several nights, even as recently as last week, him asking for Monkey and not having him."

The folks at S.J. Haggard & Company found him in front of their store and decided to give him a place to stay.

"As the days go by, no one's claiming the monkey we'd put it in the window and write a sign," Elizabeth Powell with S.J. Haggard & Co. said.

Still, they never lost hope.

"Anytime we'd see a child, we'd go 'oh maybe today's the day, you know, they're going to claim the stuffed animal," Powell said.

That day finally arrived.

"We just happened last Sunday to be leaving a Starbucks and Bennett ran up to the window and yelled 'monkey.'"

Bennett couldn't get to his friend inside the store because it was closed.

"Monkey is still in the window. It's been two months since he's seen his owner, and we're about to see him and Bennett get reunited."

It's a storybook ending -- and another satisfied customer at S.J. Haggard & Company.

"[We're] very, very thankful to these great folks here for going really the extra mile," Forth said.

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