Roller coaster takes potential buyers for tour in and around home

Roller Coaster Takes Potential Buyers For Tour In And Around Home
Roller Coaster Takes Potential Buyers For Tour In And Around Home

There are a lot of ups and downs when buying a home -- and if you say yes to this abode in Holland, you're in for a truly wild ride.

A real estate broker in Holland took an incredibly creative approach to selling property. When you view this listing, a roller coaster takes you on the tour.

The house is located in the town of Ermelo, and it has been on the market for six months.

Unfortunately, the home wasn't attracting potential buyers. The reported price is pretty hefty -- 500,000 British Pounds, or more than $780,000 dollars.

One inventive Dutch company decided to find an exciting way to get the word out about the house ... and it didn't involve signs and a nice cookie plate at an open house.

The roller coaster idea was born to reel in those who have the money to purchase the unique property and to make it stand out. Anyone who visits the residence gets to take a seat inside a car that rests on tracks. From there, he or she is given a little push.

Broker Verder met Wonen posted the YouTube video showing the unique set up, and it quickly went viral.

Buyers cruise through the home, starting in the garage and then they head to the main floor where they get to view the kitchen and living areas. They fly along the tracks outside and journey to the upper floor before cruising around in the great outdoors yet again.

The roller coaster takes them through the entire house and offers them views of the property that can't be seen from just standing in the yard.

Though the coaster is pretty great, the wild ride has yet to end in a purchase.

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