Man decks the halls with 12,000 teddy bears

Man Decks the Halls With 12,000 Teddy Bears
Man Decks the Halls With 12,000 Teddy Bears

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)- A house Uptown is really decked out with the holiday spirit. It's known as the teddy bear house. News with a Twist's Kenny Lopez got an inside look into this "beary special home."

As you're driving on Atlanta and Duffossat Streets in Uptown New Orleans, it's impossible to not notice the house on the corner.

Ricky Lenart's house is decorated with movie posters featuring famous bears like Fozzie and Kung Fu Panda. "First we had a few things then we started adding on," Lenart said -- and he certainly added on in a big way. His 101-year-old home is filled with 12,000 teddy bears.

"One friend decided to buy me a bear. Then before I knew it, I had 25 bears, then a hundred, and then a thousand," he said.

Each room has a different theme. One room is a teddy bear circus. Another room is a bear bakery. Goldilocks and the Three Bears and bears from Macy's are all here.

Lenart enjoys sharing his home with the community, and that's why he gives tours. "I've never had anyone that didn't have a good time and didn't leave with a smile on their face."

He said it's even worth all the fuss.

"Every year, we have problems with electricity. We have to have an electrician every year," Lenart said. He donates proceeds from his tour to a local charity.

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