Neymar appears to throw the 'world's worst headbutt' at rival



Following Sunday's Valencia vs. Barcelona match, which ended in a 0-1 victory for Barcelona after a late-in-the-game goal, fans seem to be focusing on one moment in particular: When Barcelona's Neymar appeared to headbutt Argentine defender Nicolás Otamendi as he bent down to remonstrate with the Brazilian.

Footage shows Otamendi approaching Neymar and placing his right hand behind the Brazilian's head before Neymar appears to jut his head towards the defender's jaw, in what some are calling 'the world's worst headbutt.'

Otamendi fell back in dramatic fashion before players from both sides erupted in argument, while Neymar went unpunished from referee David Fernández.

​In the same game, Barcelona's Lionel Messi went down clutching his head after being hit with a bottle seen thrown from the stands during their celebration.

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