Baby sloth and baby human best friends will make your heart explode

Baby Sloth and Baby Human BFFs Will Melt Your Heart
Baby Sloth and Baby Human BFFs Will Melt Your Heart

If you love babies and you love sloths, you might want to sit down for this one. brings us the insanely cute story of 5-month-old baby Alia and her BFF, 9-month-old baby sloth Daisy. Take a second and let that sink in. Yes, this is a baby and her best baby sloth friend. And they're wearing matching headbands.

Mommy Julia Heckathorn planned for years to adopt a baby sloth with her husband. Once they found the perfect sloth, they continued with the adoption plan even after learning Julia was pregnant.

Heckathorn is the author of 'Search for the Hidden Clover', an interactive children's book series that focuses on nature conservation and education. All the proceeds from her book and organization go to care for endangered pygmy sloths in Panama.

"They enjoy just being around each other, and watching each other, and trying to touch each other, and snuggling up together," Heckathorn told

Heckathorn says being a sloth Mommy isn't for everyone. She and her husband are licensed to care for exotic animals and also have a kangaroo and anteater.

Now, as tempting as it is to snuggle up with a sloth of your very own, Heckathorn warns that you do need to be able to handle an unusual pet.

... Just ask Kristen Bell. She couldn't even handle a sloth coming to her birthday party.

Check out baby and sloth in action:

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