Katherine Heigl returns to TV on 'State of Affairs'

Can Katherine Heigl's New Role In 'State Of Affairs' Revamp Her Career?
Can Katherine Heigl's New Role In 'State Of Affairs' Revamp Her Career?

Katherine Heigl made her long-awaited return to the small screen on the premiere of NBC's "State of Affairs" Monday night.

Is her new role as the president's lead CIA analyst enough to revamp her television career?

Katherine's portrayal of Charleston "Charlie" Tucker is her first recurring television role since she left "Grey's Anatomy" back in 2010.As the actress noted in a recent interview with E!, Charlie is a "far more hard-hitting character" than Dr. Izzie Stevens. "She's complicated and multi-layered and that's always incredibly rewarding as an actor," Heigl said.

Fans on Twitter were loving Katherine on the show, calling her a great casting choice and amazing in her new role. A writer for Vulture gushed, "As Charleston, Heigl is classy, competent, and handles the jargon well."

Some critics don't think "State of Affairs" is the show that will bring Katherine's television career back from the dead. NPR called the show "television from the middle of the barrel" that feels "neither good nor bad."

To see if Katherine's new role makes the cut, you can check out "State of Affairs" Mondays on NBC.

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