Guy dumps out can of soda, reportedly finds rusty bolt

Rusty Bolt Found Inside Izze Soda Can
Rusty Bolt Found Inside Izze Soda Can

After hearing a non-liquid item clanking inside his Izze soda, Nigel Goodwin decided to film himself opening and pouring out the drink. After dumping most of the neon-yellow liquid out, he found what he claims is the culprit: a rusty bolt.

He quickly posted the video to YouTube on November 7th, hoping that the company would take note of the mishap. On the 10th, the company did respond in the comments section.

IZZEofficial wrote:

Hi Nigel, we're sorry to hear about this. We'd love to speak to you about what happened, and have reached out to you via Facebook as well. Please contact us by calling 1-877-476-7380 toll-free, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm ET, or by emailing or chatting through our Contact Us page at Thank you!

Nigel wasn't impressed, writing back: "Would have loved to hear a reply in regards to the email I sent the other day!"

Still, not everyone is totally convinced that the video is real. Some commenters are calling it a fake, and one noted that there wasn't enough fizz for it to be convincing. Others are sure it's the real deal.

What do you think? Does the company owe this guy an apology, or is this some sleight of hand prank? (We don't trust many viral videos after how Jimmy Kimmel tricked us.)

Share your thoughts in the comments.

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