Final date set for 'The Colbert Report' as host gets ready to host CBS 'Late Show'

Final date set for 'The Colbert Report' as host gets ready to host CBS 'Late Show'

The Colbert Report
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We all know "The Colbert Report" is coming to an end, but the final episode now has a date.

The long-running cable news satire starring comedian Stephen Colbert will air December 18 for the final time. Colbert is set to take over "The Late Show" next year on CBS.

Fans of the award-winning "Daily Show" spin-off on Comedy Central have been waiting for the final shoe to drop since CBS announced earlier this year that Colbert would assume hosting duties following David Letterman's retirement.

The funnyman made the announcement during Thursday night's episode of the 'Report" while also pitching his latest book, America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren't.

Colbert originally started the show as a parody of the over-the-top conservative hosts on Fox News.

His sharp wit and intelligent interviews made for nine years of high ratings and multiple Emmys.

Colbert even once ran for President, but only in his home state of South Carolina.

The candidacy landed him on the Sunday morning talk show "Meet The Press" and led to a bizarre interview with legendary host Tim Russert where he never broke character.

Multipleanimals, a flavor of Ben and Jerry's ice cream and even a piece of equipment on the International Space Station were named after Colbert during the show's run.

He also wrote multiple novels that topped the New York Times best seller list and coined the term "truthiness," which Merriam-Webster's dictionary named the 2006 word of the year.

Colbert has vowed to drop the act that has made him famous and just be himself on "The Late Show."

Soon the real Stephen Colbert will stand up –- on the famous Ed Sullivan Theater stage.

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