Town celebrates holidays early for boy with terminal cancer

Utah Town Celebrates Holidays Early For Boy, 4, With Terminal Cancer
Utah Town Celebrates Holidays Early For Boy, 4, With Terminal Cancer

The holidays came early in one Utah town this year.

Residents in West Jordan celebrated Halloween 10 days early and now they've already got Christmas lights up.

Why? So that 4-year-old Ethan Van Leuvan doesn't miss out. He's been battling leukemia and doctors recently determined that he is no longer treatable.

His father told NBC's 'Today' show, "So the doctors basically said, he's got two days to a couple of weeks left to live, and so that's when we thought we would make the most of the last days he has remaining with us."

For Halloween, Ethan dressed up as Superman.

Ethan also celebrated an early birthday and then Christmas.

In a blog post that followed his treatment, his family writes, "We have seen more miracles than we can count as we go down this road of cancer. We have seen more generosity to the point of feeling overwhelmed with gratitude. There are many good people in this world."

A town in Texas showed the same glowing support for a high school student earlier this month.

Lynzee Ford, 17, was diagnosed with cancer in January. She was recently told she wouldn't make it to graduation so her senior class held a graduation ceremony early.

"Graduation is a right of passage for every high school student. I didn't want Lynzee to miss out on anything..we've been in the hospital for o 9 months..and she missed out on summer, getting her first job..her driver's now we're just gonna make life as normal as possible."

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