Man taking photo falls off dock during news segment

Man Taking Photo Falls Off Dock During News Segment
Man Taking Photo Falls Off Dock During News Segment

This story is a little embarrassing ... for the man involved, at least.

During an interview with MTV Lebanon, a man in the background tried to take a photo.

We know nothing else of this man: his name, what he was trying to do or whether the reporter even noticed. So we bring this to you strictly because it's hilarious.

Amy Robach said on ABC: "The interview was being shown on live Arabic news channel, so thousands of people saw his selfie, and now, dare I say ... millions."

He could have been trying to take a photo of the interview, but everyone seems convinced it was a selfie. A writer for CNET says: "Given that this footage was only [just] posted ... I can only assume it's relatively contemporary. I therefore choose to assume that he's taking a selfie. These days, if you're not taking a selfie a day, you're not warding madness away."

Either way, he clearly wasn't watching where he was going.

Reminds us of the woman who fell into a fountain while texting. Why is it that we humans find other people falling hilarious?

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