Virtual autopsy reveals what King Tut really looked like

Virtual Autopsy Reveals What King Tut Really Looked Like
Virtual Autopsy Reveals What King Tut Really Looked Like

Ancient Egypt's most famous Pharaoh wasn't as attractive as his reputation made him out to be.

A BBC documentary detailed new findings by researchers who performed a "virtual autopsy" on King Tut using more than 2,000 computer scans and genetic analysis of his family - which suggests his parents were also brother and sister.

This is what they came up with. Wide hips, buck teeth and a limp.

He doesn't exactly live up to the king's glamorous burial mask. The autopsy suggests the limp was due to a clubfoot, which is a condition that causes a persons foot to turn inward at a severe angle. The 130 walking canes found in his tomb support that claim.

The autopsy also disproves myths that say Tut was murdered or died in a chariot crash.

For one, his physical deformity made it impossible to race in chariots... and the incest between his parent might have contributed to a premature death because of an inherited illness.

DNA analysis from 2010 also suggests he died from an infected wound after breaking his leg. Whatever the cause of death he certainly looked better than he does now.

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